So next up, were in Bristol. As our ‘Chief PiG’ Sarah Ball used to live in Bristol, and it is one of her favourite cities, we asked her to share her top local terms with some English translations!

Here’s what she came up with:

1. Alright me luver –> Hello – literally as simple as that!

2. I loves it I does –> Use when something is absolutely bang on.

3. Gert lush –> It can mean great, tasty, or just pretty good.

4. Mint –> If it’s better than gert lush, then mint is the word you need which means really good!

5. Brizzle or Briz –> Local names for the city Bristol

6. Keener –> A clever or (over)enthusiastic person.
This description of often used for the child in school who puts their hand up first in class!

7. Ark at ‘ee –> Try and avoid getting this one said to you! It’s generally a sarcastic term and is usually used if someone is being a bit flash. Check you out – ark at ee.

8. Where’s it to –> Need to find a location – ask where’s it to – it means where is it?

9. Cheers Drive –> If you’re coming down into the centre by bus, this is the term you’ll need to say thank you to your bus driver.

10. I’ve got no ideal –> It means – I haven’t a clue. Adding an ‘l’ onto the end of a word is commonplace in Bristol. Asda becomes Asdal, Sarah – becomes Saral and idea become ideal!

11. Jason Donervan –> Need a post PiGs snack? The (in)famous kebab van is located on the Clifton Triangle and is open late. No connection to Neighbours star Jason Donovan😊